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I’m disappointed, mad

Stuck Button Error Code 68 on Affinity - Again

I have worked for two days trying to clear the E68 Error Code on my new Frigidaire Affinity Dryer. Took lint holder out and cleared lint from terminals (both sides) of the Moisture sensor, and removed and inspected Control board and buttons with nothing unusual noted. E68 code returned after about 20 sec unless I unplugged dryer for several hours - then I got possibly 15 minutes of Drying before code returned. Otherwise, I could not remove code or trouble shoot using the dial/buttons per the Dryer Manual.

There obviously should be an OEM Bulletin issued to address the factory fix and temporary measures to take until final fix is implimented. Is it possible that someone has discovered an easy fix? Is there a factory recall planned?

Wife is furious because of the wet clothes mildewing in the matching side loading washer. I sent Chris Polk an e-mail directly to him with detailed contact info, and awaiting response.

Also, you web site does not allow a selection of the product to complain about. This is Model LEQ6000ESO, along with many other Electrolux models with this Control Board: EL1346012A.

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