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I’m frustrated


I wonder why it seems to be so difficult to make my Instagram account to work for me, not only wherever I want but specifically on my Blog . Does anybody know how to call my Instagram feed in order to place my gallery on a single full width page? Howcome some sites like Webstagram, Statigram and so they can do what I can't?

Is it not possible to do on some Autofocus page yet? Fine... Then, let's say it's a post that works just as the Flickr API key does... I'm not a developer at all, but I can't help to see this integration as something incredibly feasible and meaningful to some theme focused to photographers who would like to showcase their graphic work.

Please note that I'd like to avoid those images to be shown at the home page too. This fact looks like a little handicap this time as the Autofocus is designed to call every image posted on the grid... That sounded a bit Tronish, huh?

Maybe by using some shortcode? Just saying...
I'm out of clues about a "clean" coding way to add my Instagram gallery to my Autofocus 2.0 site.

Finally, I'd like to add that I've tried to use only two plugins [some Instagram widget and some other plugin called InstaGrate, which it's pretty close to do what I want] but I think they're all technically-structurally limited since they're programmed to do only one job and in one way only. So... Flexibility = None.

Any clues, anyone?

Thank you in advance!

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