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Javascript/jquery doesn't seem to be active when editing a post or creating a new post

Here is what I see when I create a new post:

The screen options are not hidden when the page loads. When I click screen options, help, or try to insert media nothing happens. When I click set featured image, instead of getting the popup media dialog, I am taken to a new page.

What's interesting to me is that everything is working in the categories, tags, etc sections. (Screen options/help slides out).

Everything works when I switch to another theme.

This was working on my local Wordpress installation. I moved this to another server and I encountered this problem. Since then I have started with a fresh install of Wordpress and Autofocus 2 (deleting the entire original install). As soon as I install Autofocus this functionality ceases.
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  • I just had some amazing luck commenting out essentially random lines of code and I was able to track the problem down to line 157 of /wp-content/themes/autofocus/inc/autofocus-post-meta.php.

    The line is: add_meta_box( 'af_flickr_meta_boxes', __('Flickr Settings', 'autofocus'), 'af_flickr_meta_boxes', 'post', 'normal', 'high' );

    I don't use Flickr with my site so I commented that out and everything seems to be working so far.
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