Let's have even more stats! Everyone likes stats don't they?

This is certainly not a priority now but it might be something to consider.later on.

So far there's a few stats given including high scores, and best/total numbers of kills, scrap collected etc.

Definitely useful information but it might be fun to have some more stats too.

I for one find myself getting attached to my little crew guys and gals so how about a crew "hall of fame" which saves the names of the crew members with the best achievements; things like "sectors survive," "boarders repelled," "breaches fixed," "most hours at the helm," "most injury prone" and so on. It would be pretty cool to be able to look back and remember that the guy you so hilariously named "Ivor Biggun" was the best warrior you ever had!

It's not just the crew, there's a lot of potential for both frivolous or enlightening stats in addition to the ones already there.
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