New Build Online -

Hey everyone.

We've been working really hard to keep up with all of your bugs and suggestions since the launch. Matt's has spent the whole time in hyperdrive trying to fix the major crashes and add some of the smaller tweaks. Hopefully these changes should alleviate some of the problems that people have been having. It'll be on the Steam servers in a few min but it may take a little while before you can update.

When posting new bugs it would be helpful to note which build you are on. It is listed in the lower right corner of the main menu.

I have a feeling it's going to be a very productive beta!

Changelog v.

-Options Addition: You can turn off keyboard shortcuts (the number keys) for dialog screens to prevent accidental surrender acceptance.
-Options Addition: You can disable dynamic backgrounds. Should improve performance on low-end machines (or anyone having issues inside of Nebulas)
-First click of the "open doors" button will only open interior doors. Second click opens exterior.
-Options screen available in main menu

-It now counts your pilot as "piloting" as long as he's in the room, no matter what he is doing. This way dodging is possible if your piloting is partially damaged and makes evasion more useful.
-Substantially stronger blast and improved blast doors (over double the time to get through), but slightly more expensive
-Heavy Lasers I and II have slightly reduced cooldown
-Faster tooltips
-Fed "base" cannot be overrun by typical rebel fleet in the final sector
-Missile drops are less frequent

:Bug Fixes:
-Crash fix: Dismissing a crew that is selected would cause a crash
-Crash fix: Delayed quests could cause freezes when jumping to the next sector
-Crash fix: Switching out inventory weapons after combat could cause later crashes
-Crash fix: Dragging weapons and opening menus could result in bad times
-Drone/Missile salesmen will now give the correct amount of scrap
-Dimissing crew will always dismiss the correct crewmember now
-Crew always appropriately start in the pilot room
-Tooltips for enemy crew will no longer function in blacked out rooms
-Sector map should properly render in all screen modes now
-Breached doors won't repair when paused
-Queued up quests should no longer appear on restarted games
-Final shot from any missile-based weapon no longer consumes missile without firing the weapon
-Cursor/tooltips properly reset when opening game menus
-Removed invalid characters from events causing rendering glitches
-Numerous grammar/spelling/typo fixes to events