Rebel Cruiser Fire Support

The Rebel elite fighters that you encounter when you run into the danger zone aren't terribly threatening if you're decently equipped. (If you're under-equipped it's a whole different story.) Defeating the elite fighter treats the zone as though you had cleared the beacon, that is, it's safe to idle around, open the upgrades window, etc. etc.

Now that a successful battle nets you the fuel to continue, I propose to make such battles more hazardous. How?

By adding in the cruisers' fire.

Periodically, laser bursts come from offscreen and attack your ship. I imagine this to be something like the third-stage boss's super-laser, just with the weaker "standard" laser bursts instead. To keep it from being immensely deadly early on, I also imagine the number of laser bursts would vary based on which sector you're in - one burst in sector 1, eight in sector 8.

As a "beacon hazard", like the solar flares and asteroids, this would also keep you from opening the upgrades window.
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