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Photo of Steve Prochaska
I'd like to see a place where I could compare similiar vehicles and see how other users are performing.
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Photo of enko11E
Partial fill ups throw off mileage.
First off, why is this section of the website so dead? Not to mention confusing... For myself at least. (<<rhetorical?) My main pr...
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Photo of jason.sweatt
Future Enhancements
Future Enhancements: Add Time Field Add Gas Type Field (Dropdownlist) Add Station address Fields (address1, address 2, City, State, Ci...
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Photo of RoyR
International Settings
Hi: I checked out your FAQ for International and option two works great. I am a Canadian that has purchased a car from the USA and opti...
  • Roy, 5 years ago
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Photo of Amy Muller
This is a space for an open conversation between you and other people with interests and passions in this company or organization. Someti...
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