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Just joined FutureYear? Getting started, here is where to begin....

- Let’s start by adding a profile picture. To do this visit settings in the top right hand corner.

- If you didn’t sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account, now is a good time to connect them too whilst in settings.

- In the same menu, visit ‘Find friends from Facebook/Twitter’. This will give you a list of your friends from Facebook/Twitter who are already on FutureYear. Click to ‘Track’ them.

- Now for the exciting bit, visit Home. The Home feed will now start to show you what you’re friends are up to in the future by way of the plans they’ve added. You can comment or attend any of these plans. By attending a friend’s plan this adds it to your FutureYear Profile which is where we’ll visit next.

- Profile page, here is your page on FutureYear. This is where everyone can see what you have planned. Lets add a plan to this now. Click +Plan and add in details for the plan.

- If you want to discover new plans and what is going on around the world, find new accounts to track or what is happening right now across FutureYear visit ‘Discover’

We’ve hopefully by now given you a little taster of what FutureYear is, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!
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