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I’m sad

I was hacked on Gaia, help?

Hello. My friend referred me to this site.
Anyways, almost a year ago, maybe more like 10 monthes, one of my "friends" somehow got my password and hacked my account. I could not log on for a while, and I didn't know why. I finally got back onto my account and saw that he had traded all my items to himself. I filed a hacking report, but got no answer. I waited a while but nothing happened, and I was very sad because I lost my Three Gwees and my Oculus Magica that I had just bought. I don't remember his name on gaia and I can't check in my trades because it's not there anymore. So, I thought it might be a good idea to ask about this elsewhere.
Is there any possible way to check my full trade history, or to get my items back?
My account name is [~]Willy[~]Wonka[~] and it was the same when I filed a report.
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