what is botting?

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i have been reading you site here and was noticing a lot of banning for botting. Exactley what is botting?
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Posted 8 years ago

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It's using any kind of software or scripting that automatically does things in the games or on the site to earn you money while you are not at the computer. People will make a program to automatically surf through forum pages so that gold is constantly accumulated or to automatically fish so they can trade/sell them. The problem is some things people do can be mistaken for botting because they don't actually monitor you in real time when they make those sketchy assumptions. They just look at how many pages you hit & hours you were logged in. So let's say you have insomnia like me & you surfed through chat all night without ever sleeping... you may be accused of botting. LOL Thankfully I post too much & unintentionally aggravate too many ppl to be accused of it yet... but they may just accuse me to put me in my place. Who knows? They can do whatever they want. It's their site.
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No the mods do not own the site... It is pathetic, and yeah botting can be mistaken for shopping, changing avatar and surfing all day, which I used to do... How can they really tell? Oh! you're making too much gold surfing and not paying.... Why is it that they objectify, use sarcasm against you and act as though users are idiots and possibly bother you daily? I always get the same 2 mods on most accounts, and then my inbox is filled with 20 messages...
How can they tell?
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I Am On Gaia And They Acused Me Of Botting...... But I Don't Even Know What The Hell Botting Is.... I Am A Kind Of Person That Stays On The Computer ALL day..... I Am Obbsessed With Gaia So Im On There ALL Day...... I Mean What The Fuck.... Itz Summer. Kidz Got Nothing Else To Do But Go On The Computer And Play Video Games...... Thatz Me...... So I Ask..... Why Me???
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i love computer too :D
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I know the feeling, they banned me forever from
my zyanga
after i purchased 22 million chips to play, botting.. ???? its so unfair, I too i leave my computer on all day all night.. even if i am not playing poker.. this sucks well they are not the only site we can play at...
and I dont knwo why???