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Could not extract width/height from image in Webkit browsers

Could not extract width/height from image: Traced measures: width:0px, height: 0px

I get this error while iam trying to switch the first image in Chrome.
Ive got no problems in FF6 but in Chrome and Safari.

After searching in the forum i couldnt find this type of problem, just some suggestions by changing the users personal css "max-width: 100%" an so on;didnt work. Now i decided to fix it by myself, after some time i found:

// Delay the callback to "fix" the Adblock Bug
if ( ( !this.width || !this.height ) ) {
window.setTimeout( (function( img ) {
return function() {
if ( img.width && img.height ) { img );
} else {
Galleria.raise('Could not extract width/height from image: ' + img.src +
'. Traced measures: width:' + img.width + 'px, height: ' + img.height + 'px.');
}( this )), 2);
} else { this );

in the galleria-1.2.5.js and changed the else with img.width="100" img.height="100". After this i got it to work but of course not properly. I can switch the pictures but they are all in 280x280px.
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