I’m frustrated

Galleria Classic Works, Twelve Theme Doesn't.

Ok, so after a whole bunch of frustration yesterday I did get classic to work on my server after downloading the newest Galleria core (1.2.3), and I put all of my files in the main directory and fixed the paths. The problem turned out to be that the directions in the guides had a typo - it still says to use 1.2.2 when linking the script in the head tag. (You might want to update that.)

Great, so then I had Galleria Classic working, and then I started to think that the Twelve theme really matched my site better, so I bought it and downloaded it. Again, I put all of the files in the directory. When I worked through the getting started guide again I tested jQuery (which I have the latest 1.5.1.min.js hosted on my server, as well as jquery.js - but I don't know too much about javascript), and that returned as working, and then ran the test script for Galleria and that returned as working. The only problem is that once I loaded the Twelve theme .css and .js files I only get the images showing up on my page, no gallery script working whatsoever.

I noticed in the demo file that there is some .css in a style tag outside of the .css file and no .css file is called. You can view my edited demo page at the link below and View Source to see if I'm doing anything wrong. The paths should all be correct because they're in my home directory, so I don't have to drive myself crazy looking for path directories. I really like the look of this script, and now I've invested money into it so I can't just move on - this is the script I want to use for my portfolio on my website. If anyone can help me I would really really appreciate it!

For the sake of being fun and trying not to drive myself crazy, I've included another test file I have on my server for testing Galleria Classic.

Twelve (nothing?!): http://marymeghanphotography.com/test...

Classic (Working.): http://marymeghanphotography.com/test...
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