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Another take on levels and associations

Currently the system works by changing your associations every three days depending on how many missions you took and tool you used. As a result your associations are constantly in flux and it doesn't really fit with the "Develop a rich user profile passively, just by surfing the web." aspect of PMOG.

What I would like to propose is an alternative way to work with levels and associations which should really make your profile represent the way you use the web.
The idea is this:

* Each player can have levels in all associations and these levels can differ. Thus a player could be a 6th level Benefactor / 4 Level Destroyer / 3rd Level Pathmaker. You accumulate xp for each association by taking missions associated with it and using tools, as is the current style but instead of having those xp "reset" after three days, they accumulate and define your level in that association.

This of course creates a problem on how to deal with the generic XP/DP you gather as you're surfing the net. If you just tally them to your higher current level, it means that it would be difficult to switch it as it would always be one step ahead. Possible solutions to this include
1: Have the "surfing DP" count for your three top associations in the form of 50%/30%/20%. This way your DP help you advance levels in your current choice of assocs.
2: Have the "surfing DP" count towards either a neutral level, or a whole different association (that has something more to do with simply surfing and possibly taking missions, say "Mission Runner")

* You can buy items from all associatons but the cost of them is reduced by how hight a level you have in that association. That way, nobody is stuck if they decide they want to work with different tools, but they might have a larger problem bying them. Of course, the differences in price might make the market an even better place to be and having the top level in your association would allow you to trade well.

* Provide new and special tools for characters who have reached a high enough level in the association of their choice. This would act as more of an incentive for people to stay on their association as well as give another dimention to trading.

These are, of course, basic thoughts on the concept. I could expand further with more ideas but for now I'd like to hear your opinions.
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