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Check out Gantter's Blockbuster Summer Release

Gantter this year has seen tremendous growth in number of users and active community members and with their support and feedback we are proud to release the latest version of Gantter.

Gantter Summer 2012 release includes the following exciting features.


Have you ever forgotten to save your project and lost all your hard work? With Gantter’s new Autosave feature you never have to worry about that again simply check “Autosave” from the Project drop down menu and your project will detect if a change has been made and automatically save your project to the Google DriveTM or Gantter. If you don’t want your project to Autosave, no problem just leave the feature turned off.

Task Colors:

Want to better organize your tasks and Gantt charts? Now you can, with color! Gantter has added another great feature – the ability to customize colors for schedule tasks and Gantt chart bars. All you have to do is go to the project task properties page, and select the new “Color” tab. From there you can set the color of your task, the Gantt chart bar, and also the make your task text bold or italics.


For those of you have asked for the ability to attach files to tasks, the wait is over! Gantter now supports attaching Google DriveTM files or any Cloud based file links to a task in a project schedule.

Make a copy:

You now have the ability to “make a copy” of the current project schedule. Right in the project drop down menu you will find the “make a copy” option. As the default, the copy will be made in the same place you opened the project from whether it be Gantter Cloud or Google DriveTM. You will also have the option to copy over any shared settings and rename the copy project to anything you would like.

Gantter Extensions:

Developers make some extensions for Gantter! With our new web API we easily allow you to create or use “private” and “public” extensions for Gantter. Via the API, Gantter will securely pass user, project, and task information to your extension so you can create any custom Gantter feature or report you can imagine.

Notification Controls:

Do you find receiving every project update notification distracting? You now have the ability to turn off notifications! Next time you receive a project update notification email simply click the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of the page and you will stop receiving notifications from that project.


We also improved several of our current features as well.
• “Auto-leveling” has been improved
• Added “Today” link in date pickers to make selection of the current date easier

Once again we want to thank the community for their feedback and support. As you can we see we take your suggestions and make them a reality.

Happy scheduling!