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feedback handling - grouping, tagging, merge

First, Gantter is a good tool for many projects. Especially, your app is great to introduce project management and a software tool to newcomers.
Could you manage this list of feedback 'topics' in a way that the same or similar entries get under one entry?
That would make the problem-solving easier, more transparent for us (users) and for you (developers). I guess it's a trouble in your back to update (set "solved") all the relevant entries after a new release; and it's unclear for me if an entry is open or solved if you don't set it at every relevant entry.
Have a look on the google's fusion-table team's worj in the issue tracker. Yes, I think that might be a repetitive and time consuming task - consider the benefits!
[just for test: I counted on the entries from the last two weeks, result: from 72 entries 34 are repeated; from the 509 votes 261 was for these - I tested 8 types of repetitions, though they were somewhat general and the results are not scientifically correct, they show the trend]
Unfortunatelly, the feedbackers don't use the tagging option. Your tagging would be more accurate - and that would help when searching the reported issues.
So, it seems the voting (the number of stars) does not give a proper answer regarding the 'most demanded feature by the users'.
Maybe you already use a solution/tool to handle this.
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