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Four tips to keep in mind for your bathroom remodel

The bathroom is one of the most common areas to be remodeled. The bathrooms in older homes especially are often in need of a complete overhaul. If you’ve been putting off that bathroom remodeling project you’ve desperately needed for a while now, don’t put it off any longer. Though any remodeling project is a big project, there are some tips to make the process easier. Here are four tips to keep in mind for your next bathroom remodel.
1. Plan Ahead

It is impossible to plan too much for any remodeling project. Some homeowners will even plan for months before beginning a remodeling project. Before you can even think of starting a bathroom remodel, it’s crucial that you have a very clear goal in mind for what the finished project will look like. Visit home improvement stores and make notes of what things you like and what things you don’t. The remodel should be done on paper in great detail before any actual work begins.
2. Keep the overall structure the same

Unless your heart is really set on rearranging the whole layout of your bathroom, plan on keeping the overall structure the same. If you put the new bathtub/shower in the same location as your existing one and put the new toilet and sink in the same location, you won’t need to redo the whole plumbing for your remodel. You can save a lot of time and money while still getting a whole new look if you update your bathroom and moving things around.
3. Improve the lighting

Often, the lighting is overlooked when it comes to bathroom remodels. Most homeowners focus on the tile, the toilet, the sink, the vanity, the tub/shower, and the paint color of the wall. But lighting is one of the more cost effective ways to really improve the look of your remodeled bathroom. Consider adding some bulbs to your vanity, for instance, to drastically improve the lighting in your bathroom. Also consider which light fixtures will look best in your remodeled bathroom.
4. Hire a professional to do the work

No matter how comfortable you are with doing home improvement projects around the house, you shouldn’t attempt to do a bathroom remodel on your own. There are a lot of major mistakes that could be made which will greatly increase the cost and timeframe of the project. Search around for a professional remodeling company in your area that has a good reputation and a proven track record for doing high quality work. Though it will cost extra, the finished project will be well worth it and the added value to your home will pay for much of the remodeling costs.
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