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Gantter keeps scrolling down every time I swipe right to read across the chart!

Hey guys, I'm running macOS Sierra ver 10.12.5 using Gantter online with Firefox ver 55.0.3 (64-bit)... and whenever I use my trackpad to move the gantt chart to the right, the entire chart and the cells all move up. Then I have to swipe down to bring all the cells and the chart back down where it can be viewable again. Any idea why this is happening and any solutions out there?

Thanks, all!
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  • I just figured out why... it's because my deadline or finish date is much later in the future. And even though there are no tasks created up until the finish date, it still scrolls to the very end of the finish date, pushing everything up.

    So the new issue now is that even though I got rid of the deadline and finish dates in the Properties settings... it's still seen in the Gantt chart section, so I'm still having the same issue. And I tried copying and pasting the tasks... but it brought the same deadline/finish date with it to the new template. Worst case scenario, I recreate the entire thing from scratch without defining a deadline this time. But I'd rather avoid that extra work if possible. Thanks, guys!
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