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I’m confused

How the project will be auto-scheduled after filling %complete and need some help in basic features of gantter.

1. While entering the %complete, why the other dependent tasks are not auto-scheduled, if the previous task is delayed according to the schedule made?

2. How to define multiple baselines in the same project?

3. How to show actual finish date?

4. Is there any multi-projecting feature in it and also does it generate to-do list?

5. What is the use of the risk feature and while allocating risk to certain tasks, how it affects the working of the task? what is the use of it?

6. If we are pasting more than one projects in the same window, how to define the root summary task separately for each project and also to show the critical path of each project separately?

7. What is the use of WBS?

8. Is the software do automatic calculation of float time?

9. If I am taking 24 hours shift calendar, why it is showing 12 hours per day, means if I am entering 2 days then in work column it is showing 24 hours but in Gantt chart it is showing correctly 24 hours for one day, why?

10. Does this software work in Android phones also?
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