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I’m frustrated

How to add multiple resources to a task

I have a project with many tasks. I've created a plan that had the number of hours to complete each task, but no resources assigned to those tasks.

Now I have identified the resources (people) and want to assign them to the tasks. Every task will have more than one person working on it and assigning them is proving to be more difficult than I think it should be.

For example: task number 1 will take 10 hours. If I assign 2 people 100% to the task the duration should be 5 hours. The only way I can get gantter to recalculate the duration correctly is to add person #1, click save, then go back and add person #2 and click save again. Why can't I just add all of the resources in one step? Am I doing something wrong or is gantter a little daft?
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