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How to Recover Deleted images from Google Photos

Basic recovery from Google Photos Trash (Recycle Bin)

Your photos are stored in Google Photos cloud for 60 days. If you didn’t empty Recycle Bin, you still can get back your deleted photos. Yet, keep in mind that this is going to work out only if the photos had been backed up using Back up and Sync on app.

Instruction for Android
1. Open Google Photos app on your phone (downloadable from Google Play)
2. In the top left corner of the app find the main menu, navigate to the Trash

3. Select the elements on the list that need recovering: deleted files, folders with images and videos

4. To retrieve selected files, tap Restore

5. After that selected photos and videos should be recovered. Google Photos app will save them to the same album/folder where they used to be stored

Instruction for PC
Make sure you signed in the account you are using for your Google Photos.
Google Photos Trash is here(
Recovery happens in the same way as in the mobile version: you specify what deleted data you need to recover and click the Done button to confirm your choice.
To recover Google Photos images press Restore.
All deleted files will be restored and synced with your Android phone.

How else can I recover data from Google Photos? A few simple formulas
Well, basically photo recovery from cloud can be performed only using Google Photos service, but there are a couple of tips and tricks which come in handy sometimes.

Check other folders in your Albums, since your photos can also be “hiding” in there. How to recover photos from Google Photos:
Open Google Photos in the mobile app or browser
Under the “Photos on device” find the folder you need
Look through the thumbnails to see what photos are in there
If you shared photos with other users, ask them to check if they have them in the Download folder. In turn, check your message history in messengers (Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook).
If you are using Samsung apps like Cloud, check for the backup copies of your photos on the server.

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