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how to recover or reset lost microsoft account password

Overlooked your Microsoft account password? Get an effective way to reset Microsoft account password
In Digital World, there are ample of web services, social media and more. To remember the password of all is a difficult job. Thankfully, Microsoft offers an easy way to recover the password. The process is very simple and in the same, the users will get few recovery options, applying the same will allow them to create a new password.

However, if you have overlooked the password and striving for a way to recover Microsoft account password, then go through the process listed beneath. This will help you to access Microsoft in an effective manner with a fresh password.

Quick and Easy way to reset Microsoft Account Password
· To reset Microsoft account password, you will have to visit the password reset page of Microsoft and you can reach directly by clicking on the link and here, you will have to select an option ‘I forgot my password’.

· Thereafter, you will be prompted to enter the email address of Microsoft account.

· After finishing the above process, you will get few recovery options, i.e. Email and Phone Number.

· If you have registered your alternate email address to Microsoft account, then enter the same and click on ‘Send Code’. Now open the same email address, note down the code and enter it in the reset page. Soon, you will be directed to a new page where you can create a new password.

· However, if you don’t have an alternate email address, then enter the registered phone number and click on ‘Next’ button. Look for the code in your mobile and enter the same in Microsoft reset page. Thereafter, you will get an access to create a new password.

That’s it; now you are back on Microsoft account with a new password. Apply anyone method to recover Microsoft account password. The choice depends upon you, but it is recommended to go with the one which is convenient for you

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