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Is collaborative editing on Gantter's roadmap?

Given that both Gantter Cloud and Google Docs promote collaboration, are you planning to introduce collaborative editing/saving soon?
- either to allow several users synchronously to edit and save without risk of overwriting other contributions
- or to incorporate a 'check in/check out' solution.

We have been trialling Gantter and find its ease and streamlined approach excellent, particularly for single user editing with collaborative view access.

However as many projects include more than one user, the ability for each project user to be able to make edits safely is pretty essential - the Gantter project should be a single point of truth.

We're keen to use an application that can incorporate both single and multiple user approach. Is collaborative editing on the cards?

Any information most helpful (even if to say that it can't be implemented in the near or medium term).

Many thanks,

Apologies for cross-posting - posted similar as a follow up to an earlier question but no reply
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