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Need repairs after wind damage? It could be better to wait

Though it’s been two months since major windstorms knocked out power and damaged roofs for many Spokane residents, some homeowners are still waiting to get their repairs done. That’s because roofers are already busy working a lot of overtime to handle the large volume of calls they’re receiving. While that might seem like bad news to many, roofers stress that this could actually be a good thing.

Why wait?

There’s a reason that winter is usually the slow season for roofers, and it’s not just because of inclement weather slowing them down. When a new roof is installed or when new shingles are laid to patch up a damaged section of the roof, the seal is going to be best if it’s installed in warm weather when the sun is shining. Not only can cold weather prevent your shingles from getting a nice seal, but it can also make the shingles brittle which makes the installation not quite as good as a spring- or summer-time installation.

Getting a good roofer

Another reason it might be better to wait is because you’re more likely to get a qualified roofer. Because most of the roofing businesses in the area are slammed with calls right now, and especially the best ones, some less reputable roofers and jack-of-all-trades handy-men are getting asked to make roof repairs. Roofing work is something that requires a license when an un-licensed roofer is up on your roof patching damaged areas, it can void any warranty you might have on the roof and your insurance company might not pay for it. They may even cause more damage than they fix.

After a major storm, homeowners are often desperate and will hire the first roofer than can make it out to start repairs without stopping to make questions. But just because it’s urgent and roofers are busy doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t do their homework. They should still make sure the roofer they hire is licensed and insured and has plenty of experience and a good reputation in the community.
At the very least, a roofing company should be able to send someone out to install a tarp as a temporary fix to keep water out until they can come and make repairs. It may not look pretty, but it’s better than having your roof repaired by an amateur.

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