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Optional un-linking Duration and Work

When a resource is selected for a task then currently Work and Duration columns are currently rigidly linked. This may be true from a pure timing logic point of view but in real life planning cases this is too simplistic, considering that gantter is supposed to be intuitive.

The difference is that often, when you plan a task of say 5 man-hours, you also plan it to happen over a timespan of say 3 working days. So, in terms of scheduling, the determinant will be duration (previous task ends prior to duration start and next task begins after end of duration). In terms of cost, the determinant will be the planned man-hours. This also means that duration and work fields should not be hard-linked as they currently are.

So the options are to introduce either a global, per resource or per task based setting "Work driven duration". When it is checked, the current logic is in effect. When it is unchecked then the duration can be longer than the work hours involved.

This should not be confused with the Effort Driven Tasks in MS Project. Those are meant for purposes when a task requires say 20 hours. One full capacity resource makes it in 20 hour duration but two resources make it in 10 hour duration.
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