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Permission problems with gantter in Google Apps domain

I (as a domain administrator) have added and authorized gantter to be used in our Google Apps domain ( via the Google Marketplace, however we are seeing a few issues with this

1. Every time any user (me included) navigates to to access the gantter we get a screen asking for granting permission to access google drive data etc. This is at the very best annoying...

2. Sharing a document between users in the domain does not work. If I make and save a gantter document other users in our domain can see it if they do "Open from Google drive", they also see it in the Google drive window with sharing permission looking ok (they have full permission to said document), however trying to open the document fail with an error indicating insufficient permission.

Based on other similar problem reports, we have tried to log out of all accounts (people using multiple accounts at once etc), clear all caches, restart web browser and then try again, but no difference.
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