Resource Levelling

First of all - thanks an excellent app!

Ok, so there is no automatic Resource Levelling function. What should be the correct way to manually level resources? Presumably set the task as 'Start no earlier than'... However, start date has a resolution of days.... I need resolution to minutes...
Is this possible to implement?
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  • I think the best alternative is to link tasks. Consider the simplest case. You add 2 tasks to your new empty project. You assign both of them to the same resource. You get the warning that tasks are assigned to an overallocated resource.

    In this case just link (Actions->Link tasks) tasks so that the one of them follows another one. This gives you more flexibility than setting constraints, as changing duration for one of the tasks would change the start/end date of the depending task automatically.

    While this is a very simple example, it appears everywhere during scheduling. By carefully linking tasks you get more flexible and readable schedule than by using constraints.
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