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I’m perplexed

Resources and Leveling

Why is resource allocation not an automatic consideration when leveling? If a resource is 100% allocated to a task, and its duration is one hour, how can another task for that resource be scheduled at the same time? It is counter intuitive from a planning standpoint.

If Mark is a programmer, and is working on a complex project, he is likely to be working on different aspects of that project. So redirecting a link from the landing page, and importing inventory are completely unrelated, so why would I need to link them to level Marks time as a resource.

We shouldn't have to link the tasks to level the resource. It implies the tasks are related, when they are not. The time should automatically be considered based on resource allocation.

The ability to level by resource allocation would by great. I honestly don't know how I can use the program in any other way without a lot of tedious gantt planning. .
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