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I’m frustated

Setup time and multidate from (new) calendar configuration

Hi, although I think this is a great tool, configuration of little things is still messy.
In order to create a new calendar, one have to change the time of every single day and I have found no way to "block" or "unblock" a day for local holidays, or specific non-workable days, for example.
So, my suggestions are:
1. enable clicking on the week day on top of the calendar so the same times apply to the whole column, that is, clicking on 'Mon' would allow you to configure the times for all mondays of that month. Might also be a good idea to add a 'apply to all days' button or check.
2. Add more 'working time setup': 'All weekdays', 'All weekends', or allow multiple selection on same pulldown menu , or multiple week days selection in the month matrix at the left, so one can start working with/configuring those days only.
3. Add a 'Workable' or "blocked' and 'non-workable' or "unblocked" status to the same configuration, that is, when configuring the day, week or month, add a button that can be checked or toggled into a workable or non-workable day/week/month, maybe next to the 'clear' link or maybe a check next to 'working time' that, if checked, the time schedule/matrix bellow it is enabled, if not, then it is not a workable day/week/month and hence, no input needed/allowed.

thanks and regards
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