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I’m thankful

Awesome job!

I just found this website when I was listening to Zero to travel -podcast and I HAD to come and give a praise! I consider myself as a humble person, but looking at these pictures and reading all the stories... I'm literally crying here. I live in Finland and one of my biggest problems at the moment is that my yoga mat has lost it's grip and I'd have to choose which brand I'm gonna buy next. And there are people dreaming about owning a bicycle. Obviously I know that, mothers always tell their children to remember the hungry kids in Africa if they don't eat their food, but this website really makes it visible. It's amazing. People really need to see and read this kind of stuff. I've met the kindest people in the poorest places I've visited. I'm gonna share this site everywhere I can and write a blog post about this, I wish I could help somehow to build this. If I ever win the lottery, I'll donate money! But anyways, thank you for the wonderful job you're doing t find any Finnish families here, maybe I could help with that in case you need that kind of help :)

All the best,
  • Hi Henna,

    Its really nice to know that you're soo moved by the Dollar Street project. Our purpose is to show how everyone really lives!

    Its nice to know that you found it humbling to read about the families and knowing about their lives and dreams.

    Its also important to know about the diversity of the world. When talking about Africa, people usually imagine Huts, Mud houses, dense forests and wildlife. But, as you might have seen, there is a variety of homes from the African continent, from the poorest homes in Burkina Faso, all the way to the richest homes in Kenya or South Africa (who live more similar lives to us in Europe).

    If you're willing to contribute homes from Finland, you can write to us at . We'll love to have homes from Finland.

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