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I’m frustrated


Hi, so I am doing a project looking at the suicide rate vs income specifically looking at Hungary vs Poland. And a week ago I was able to look at the rates from 1956. And today I go in and they only have data from 1990??? What is going on? Why is all of the data from pre-1990 gone?
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  • Hi Alannah,

    We updated the suicide rate dataset but our new source (IHME Global Burden of Disease) does not contain data before 1990. The nice thing is we now have data up to 2016 whereas before it was just 2005.

    The old source with the historical data from 1950 until 2008 (in the newest version) can be found here:

    We're working on getting that back in the dataset. We'll let you know when that has happened. Thanks for pointing it out to us : ).

    Jasper / Gapminder Foundation
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