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Global Income distribution

First, I would like to thank you very much for the great job you are doing for global development.
Gapminder, talks, Hans Rosling...every thing inspire me a lot...

I have a question about the global income distribution:
Is it possible to get data you were using for the graph: Global Income Distribution?
I read the paper 'The changing shape of Global Inequality – exploring a new dataset” (Zanden, Baten, Foldvari, Leeuwen)' and many other papers..I want to recalculate the distribution for UNCTAD groups and as I am at first stages, I want your help please.
How do you calculate the proportion of population by income? I saw the explanation in your website 'data source used for don't panic). I understand that we need the Gini, GDP per capita and Population but I am still losing in Zanden'z method. And I prefer your method with adjustment.

Could I have some other explanation to calculate myself for other groups?
Many thanks.
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