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How can the mean years in school percentage be over 100??

I was plotting mean years in school against the income per person. For some countries the mean years in school is greater than 100.
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  • thanks for your question, Brahim!
    I assume you refer to "Mean years in school, women/men, 25-34, %"
    because it's the only indicator on the topic that is measured in %

    This indicator really shows gender inequality in education. If a bubble is at 100%, it means both women and men have equal number of years of schooling on average.

    Less than 100%: men study longer
    More than 100%: women study longer, so it is in fact possible!

    the indicator name is a bit confusing, we will rename it to make it more clear

    did it help? did i understand you correctly?

    * * *

    below are the pictures and link to the bubble chart

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