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Include Australia and Asia Pacific countries

Hi can you please include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand, UK so that we can use it here for lessons too with the children.
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  • Hi Samina,

    Thanks for your request!

    Can you please clarify in which tool you would like us to include these countries?
    These countries are already present in the Gapminder Bubbles:

    So, I think you're talking about Dollar Street ( Is that right?
    If you're referring to Dollar Street, we would love to add homes in these countries! In fact, we want to add homes from all countries!! That's the dream: at least 10 homes in each country!

    Dollar Street is a collaborative tool that grows with the help of the community. So as soon as new homes are sent to us, we can add them there. If you would like to help us to get volunteer homes in these countries, please let me know (write to But if you already want to start showing these homes, please notice that we have three homes in the UK:

    We also have other tools: Gapminder Income Mountain, Maps, Ranks Trends and Ages. Let me know which tools exactly you're referring to and we'll try to improve it so you can use in your classes.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Fernanda Drumond / Gapminder
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