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On the site when it says that a family lives in a 3 room home, do you mean 3 bedrooms or three rooms?

I teach Spanish and use this wonderful site to talk about homes and families. It is wonderful for breaking stereotypes. But some of the home descriptions say for example "three rooms" and others specify bedrooms.

I look forward to your response.
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  • Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for your question! I'm glad to learn that you use the Dollar Street tool in your classroom! If you want, kindly share with us how you use it, it's always good for us to know and improve the tools based on teacher's feedback. My email is in case you want to send this feedback to me directly.

    As for your question, I apologise if the text was not clear. I'm not sure which specific home you're talking about, but the family texts normally refer to bedrooms. We create those texts based on the questionnaire that the families answer, and this is how this question appears on the questionnaire:

    How many bedrooms? ____ bedrooms
    How many beds are there in the home? ____ beds
    How many people sleep in the home in a regular night? ____ people

    You can see the questionnaire here:

    So it refers to the number of bedrooms. We'll try to writing the new texts from now on having that in mind.

    Thanks for your question, and please keep asking :)

    Kind regards,
    Fernanda Drumond
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