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Please help us to help the next Paris Conference on Climate

Hello Hans

I was amazed by a presentation you did, a long time ago (2006) on the link with financial gap between states and peoples and all other datas, like health, education etc. I'm geographer and historian by education (and still is from my heart and brain), and communicator for living (conceiving alla kinds of document from formulary to (technical, educational...) guides or manuals. I worked on georgraphical statistics a long time ago... I was astonished by your fantastic display and hope to go ahead with. Lately, I started with some success a group on Linkedin, all of us interessed by the next Climate Conference in Paris, end of 2015. I am the main contributor, so I want to give my best... I would like to communicate with you or with your first staff...
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  • I’m anxious
    He is a cat I love even if I'm not his master. He had his masters on our street, but they were unable to take care or to understand the situation! His left eye was bad, very bad, and dangerous for his life. So the refuge (where he was let in front of, two months ago by people we do not know) took off the eye. His aspect should be better soon. But I wanted to show what happend to him and that he was still not so bad looking, to hel his adoption. My neighbours and me try to help him. Probably I wanted to show on my Facebok front page I feeled a little like him or people and living beings suffering from bad consideration or ignorance.
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