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Praise turned grievance!

You have opened up enormous possibilities for social activists, serious non-profits and policy makers to probe, explore and offer creative and out of the box solutions for everyday problems based on rational thinking. We - as one of India's nationally recognized NGOs - will be privileged to contribute to your mission of popularizing data understanding. And we will use all possible data within our reach for understanding vexed issues afflicting the mankind, and hopefully to offer alternative perspectives. Thank you Mr Hans Rosling. You are the rationalists' equivalent of a messiah.

==== afterthought ======
[Btw this page suffers from an error. If I asked a question here, and after finding that someone already did and having got my answer I 'started over' and wrote some praise, it won't take it. Now I have refreshed the page... let's see if it goes.

Pity, it persists with "Someone might have already asked your question. Do any of these match?"...