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Share link (button disappeared?)

In the older version of gap minder I was able to "share link" (button). This was very useful because my students could sent me their individual gap minder visualisations.
So far I could not find this "share link" button in the newest version of gap minder.
I hope someone could help me. Thanks a lot in advance!
Cheers, Nando
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  • Hi Nando!
    We've been just improving this functionality when you asked your question, please try the "airplane" button in top right corner, among "Share" button — it should give you a short link that you can send anyone, and they can just follow it to see the same picture. Here i made a little video:

    Alternatively, you can just copy the full link from your browser's address bar and send that one. This link can get monstrously large if you've changed a lot of things in the picture, but that might not be a big deal either.

    Let me know if it worked for you now and excuse the inconvenience :)
    Angie from Gapminder
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