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South African section incomplete

Great Project. Very helpful. Why did you not include any poor-white families from South Africa? As a matter of fact, why are South African Indian families also not included?
  • Hi Emile,

    Thank you very much for your feedback!

    The reason why Dollar Street shows only those five families in South Africa right now is simple: we haven't had enough funds to cover all income levels in all countries yet. We first collected as many homes as possible, wherever possible, and now slowly we're growing and adding many more homes. Dollar Street is a collaborative platform, so we welcome everyone to contribute with more photos :)

    We are adding more homes all over the world, in all income levels, as much as possible. In fact, we are hoping to add 5 more homes from South Africa by the end of April. It's part of a project called InnovateAfrica.

    So you are right, we should, and we want to add poor-white families and South African Indian families! If you are interested in helping out to add those homes, please check out the photographers resources here: or contact me

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Fernanda Drumond / Gapminder
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