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Terrorist Attacks As Indicators (of something?)

What about adding some sort of indicator for terrorist attacks (by type) by country. Granted, such data can potentially be skewed but it may also be useful and a second-tier proxy for social unrest/bad foreign policy/whatever. I know there are other sources, but a decent place to start might be the University of Maryland, START program's Global Terrorism Database:
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    Triggered by the terrorist attacks in Paris I was wondering if there are also reliable statistics that show relationships between the act of terrorism and possible causes of terrorism. This could, to my opinion, greatly contribute to the "terrorism" discussion. Now, terrorism is often linked to Islam in the media. Although this relationship seems to be quite obvious, it probably does not represent the real reasons, and with that, possible solutions for dealing with terrorism. Would it be a good idea to make some studies on this subject with all the knowledge that GAPMINDER has on statistics and doing research. I ( and many other with me) are craving for some objective stats in stead of all the media hypes.
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