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Trash production

Hello - thank you for creating this wonderful project. My question is about the trash pictures you have in your database. What does this refer to - would this be trash for a certain period or just how each family accumulates trash. It would be helpful to understand how much trash is generated by families in different income levels and whether there is even a connection between income and trash generation. Thank you so very much.
Thangam (Redwood City, CA, USA)
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  • Hi Thangam,

    Thanks for your question! We don't have much more information about the pictures of trash taken for Dollar Street, unfortunately. The photographer just asks the family to show where they throw waste, and then takes a picture of that. So what you see on the pictures is how their garbage disposal area looked like on the day that the photographer was there. I might vary a bit, depending mostly on how often the families get their trash cleared.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Fernanda Drumond / Gapminder Foundation
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