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I’m frustrated

Where is Israel and where on the Map is a *country* (not a region!) called Palestine?

hello, I really like your idea, but unfortunately I have come to find that it also reflects your own biased ideas. That's why I would be interested to know why
a.) you did not show pictures of the richest people in Gaza or the disputed Territories, even though there are more than 30% very rich people there , with expensive cars and villas, (to be seen on youtube, if you have no chance of seeing it with your own eyes - as I did)
b.) why are there no pictures of Families in Israel, even though it's a country like all other countries?
c.) where on the map does a STATE exists with the name of Palestine? Any historian can tell you, that that is just the name of a REGION (which then included ALL of Jordan, parts of Lebanon, Syria and the whole Sinai) that the Romans gave the area in 135 a.D. to avenge a jewish uprising (Bar Kochbar) and to reminisce a by then extinct Greece-stemming group of People called the Philistines (remember Goliath? They were called this after the Hebrew word Plischtim, wich means invaders) who had no connection to the so-called Palestinians, which are of Egyptian and Syrian roots mostly and immigrated into the region after 1880, when the Jews had created more Jobs in the until then barren area of the Ottoman empire, (that didn't even have a Vilajet-Name, because it was so empty after the crusaders).
To print this misunderstanding over and over again, means to implement it in the human brain, which is not helpful in any peace project. I would propose you call the areas what they are LEGALLY and OFFICIALLY called: Gaza and Disputed Territories.
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