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Why is Japan not surveyed

when you post the reply, can you use adjectives like 1. It's too difficult 2. It's too expensive 3. It defies categorisation etc
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  • Hi Annie,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I think you're talking about Dollar Street, right? Because Japan was surveyed in our Global Misconceptions Study and the results appear in the book Factfulness (which is right now being translated to Japanese).

    And Japan does appear in our tools:$state$marker$select@$geo=jpn&trailStartTime=2018;;;;&chart...

    So I think you're talking about Is that right?
    We have one home from Japan, which we recently unpublished as we needed to verify better the income calculation for that home. But I'll make sure to add it back asap. We definitely want to add more homes from Japan, and if you can help with that, that would be great! If you know families in Japan who would be willing to participate, kindly let me know and we'll do our best to add them! If you want to photograph homes yourself, here are the resources:

    If you're not referring to, please let me know. If you send me a link of the page where you would like to see Japan, and I'll check for you.


    Fernanda Drumond
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