How do I recalibrate the touch screen?

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the screen screen on my nuvi 200 doesn't register my touches accurately. is there a racalibrating program (like digitzer did on palmpilots)
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Posted 9 years ago

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Go to and search for "touch screen" and you'd find:

"Question: How do I recalibrate my touch screen on my Nuvi 2xx?

To recalibrate the touch screen please follow the instructions below:

1. Turn the nuvi device off.
2. Press the power swith over into the on position and hold for 45 secs.
3. You should see a message on the display that says 'Press Dot'
4. Keep pressing the dot as it moves around the screen until the calibration is finished.
5. Once this is complete, there will be a message that says "calibration complete".

Last modified on: 06/11/2007"
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Thank writes correctly
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The data in my 255 is more than a year old. I follow the steps to get to the "Press Dot" screen, and before I can press the dots I get the "Your data is old, you should upgrade it" screen with a button to proceed that I can't press!
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On a Nuvi 205, I got the "dots", counted hitting over one hundred of them. Then screen was blocked with "Trouble finding satellites." Continue searching? No Yes.
Answer/reply is blocked by original problem.

Edit: Placed in a window of house, it finds sats quickly.

Screen is sometimes responsive BUT way "offset"
(several inches) to the point of being useless.
Need to clear old settings better
Update: I got nowhere.
Bought this 01-09. Failed quick. (We used it on two trips.)
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Same happened to me. Once I updated maps, screen was way offset. Recalibrating never went beyond "press dot" even after 100+ presses.