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Incorrect sample json code for creating a map

The sample json of creating a map ( can cause server error when we access the map created with that json code. To fix it, add an empty array to "layers" property

It should be rewritten as:

2 title: "Map Title",
3 description: "A description",
4 tags: "example,tags,more",
5 extent: [-180,-90,180,90], // [west,south,east,north] - longitude, latitude decimal degrees - WGS84
6 basemap: "Google Terrain", // deprecated - will soon be using Finder raster layers
7 projection: "EPSG:3785", // not supported yet (default EPSG:3785 - Web Spherical Mercator, aka 'Google Tiles')
8 layers: [ ]
9 }

Duy Lam - KMS Technology
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