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I’m frustrated--must be missing something simple

Why can't I get my Canadian locations to show up in Canada?

I am trying to show our locations in Canada but am having a terrible time. I don't seem to be able to successfully Geo locate my data. This is what I have tried:
1) via the "Join with boundary dataset, I have found a Canada city state dataset that I matched on city. The match on the city told me that I had a few errors out of about 100 but I was willing to go with that. When I actually tried to make a map, only one attributed showed up--and that was in Texas...but all of this is Canadian data.
2) When I use the Geo Code based on address of place name the results are even worse--no matter the matches that I select (postal code without a space, with a space, Province and City.....) and I select Canada as the country or "entire world"--all of the records in my data return as being unable to match and the explanation I get is a simple question mark...

I have done this same type of data in using our US locations and had no problem.

Any ideas of what I might be missing when I am trying to do this with our Canadian locations?
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