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It would be awesome to have an "I agree with this praise" button and counter, much like the "I have this problem, too" for problems.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Eric Suesz, Champion

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Yeah. Good point. Definitely. I like this one. Thanks! I'll see what others think about this one.
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4 years ago... Hmmmm
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At what point does 'Under consideration' become 'Who cares/No Way/Get Lost/Nobody cares anymore''?

Get Real GetNoSatisfaction...
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Hi John. That's a fair point, and this is feedback we've taken to heart. We're currently meeting with our product team on a weekly basis to get the most recent status updates for ideas in our community and we've adopted the policy of not marking new ideas 'under consideration' or 'planned' unless we can reasonably expect to implement them within the next 1 or 2 quarters. We certainly didn't intend any disrespect by keeping this idea 'under consideration' for such a long period of time. We do like this idea, which is why we initially set it to 'under consideration' and we'll try to get an update on it's status from our product team during our next meeting. Your point is well taken, and I thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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Wendy Owen

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I love this idea! Nice one.
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In today's society, there are plenty of ways to show a company how many people are unhappy with a specific product or service, but not enough ways to show how many people appreciate a specific product or service.

The negative is far too often given more weight than the positive, so I believe that this would be a wonderful addition to Get Satisfaction. It's always nice to visit a support forum and see that at least a few people think you're doing a good job.
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Is this idea still being considered? Because I'd like to see this idea implemented too. I just saw a post of someone thanking getsatisfaction for the OpenID login feature and I'm thankful too, but there was no way to agree with that praise. It would seem like something that should be there since not only can we have the same problems and questions, but we can also like the same ideas. -- It would also be a good way for companies to know what features their customers like best or feel more thankful for.
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Thor, Alum

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Thanks to you, Rebecca, this idea is now on our radar again.
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Community Staff

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yep, this is a great idea. it would make the experience with each topic type consistent... So far, one of my favorite features site-wide is the ability to see how many people are following a topic.
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Random thought

I also see there's no way to "agree" with an "Update" because its mainly a developer tool to participate in a discussion with announcements.

I think that maybe a representative smiley of the "mood in here" followed by the Update is a good replacement for the agreeing method (since it actually takes into account the not-agreeing) the smiley can be placed where the new status boxes are on the right of each topic.

what do you think?
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This seems like an amazing idea. I don't understand why it isn't already implemented -- isn't it just a case of copying "I like this idea too!" and changing the colours?

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Roland Tanglao

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yes please, agree with praise is a would be nice

but please no: disagree with praise or mark as sarcastic

not sure how to deal with sarcastic praise which is funny for about 30 seconds but not really helpful!
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Agreed. And no, we would not have a "disagree" with praise. GS is about moving in a productive direction, not tearing people down.

Yeah, sarcastic praise is a tough one. Maybe best ignored?
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This is pretty much a no brainer. I mean, with the current format of this forum, every other category has a system like this ("I have this problem too!" "I like this idea", etc.), and when you look at the myriads of posts that have literally no value whatsoever, in the other categories, the only thing separating the important posts from the useless ones is this system of "popularity". Praise is more important than one might originally be led to believe.

Also it would be a good idea for topics to have some kind of reminder about how this popularity system works, encouraging users to click the button. Too many good ideas and notable issues have been lost at the very end of the list from people just not clicking the button.
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Cullen Brimhall

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If I could look at the praise topic and see the most common praise, it would be a good marketing tool for gs. People could instantly see what the community thinks are the best parts. As it is, I have to read through everything (which of course I don't have time to do). I need a summary. This would provide that summary of the best of gs.
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Great Idea.. A praise button would be a way to go. Good Mention.
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I love this idea too! There is a lot of praise that I agree with and it would be cool to have that button! :)

Kind regards,
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Claudia Tse

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Good idea. You really could get something out of the praise button. Reamember, I'm only seven. ; - )
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Milton Segura

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I like the idea! it would save you from re-typing something someone already said
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Paul Hopkins

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I think the share on FB button should be more prominent against these posts as well, instead of it just being something in the right hand column, as this would drive better advocacy levels.


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I also think so.

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Over 100 votes and still being considered?/
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Rao Katra

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LOL! I hope they implement this, though. It's really a good idea.
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Good Ideas, I hope they are added!
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110 Votes an counting... Lets see if we can get to 200 votes before they implement it, LOL :)

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safi ullah

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Yeah the idea is great
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Lee Lovit

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yes and no the client gets the benifit of having the public see the good job hes doing. the differace is that the like button is much more likly to nne used.
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Anje Yelf

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Agree totally, but can all 'praise' 'good answer' etc be non-greyed-out.
eg:The current 'good answer' has the font is greyed out therefore people assume it is not available or simply cannot see it due to poor contrast.
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Tomáš Bárta

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like it
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I Agree with Agree button