Automate and facilitate finding and linking or relating duplicate bug problem reports.

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I'm calling this a problem, because it has negative consequences, but many might see this as a feature request.

Please, PLEASE, do an automatic search when adding new topics so see if there are related or duplicate topics that already cover the need. Duplicates dilute the perceived importance of a bug report by splitting the votes across multiple topics, which are not explicitly related to each other. They also cause extra workload for the people trying to respond to the reports.

Also, please, PLEASE, add a feature allowing people to link or relate one bug report to another, so that if a duplicate report already exists, or if someone willfully creates a duplicate (because they want to take credit) then at least people can tie the related reports together after the fact and minimise the damge.

I'm here from the Mojang community where people are reporting bugs on the game Minecraft. The users are predominantly non-technical and therefore don't know about good bug-reporting practices. I found 4 duplicates of one bug in 5 minutes.

OK, thanks.


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Posted 3 years ago

Morgan Sherwood

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Folks - the new search back end has been released so topic suggestions when folks go to post a new topic should improve.

A few of you have voiced that you would like the ability to report duplicate issues/merge topics - We have enabled a feature that allows company employees to mark members as champions with moderation capabilities, so I'd encourage you to talk to the team at mojang to see if this is an option they'd consider.

There's also another topic related to this discussion, but it's unlikely we'll implement the ability for members without moderation capabilities to suggest merge/re-directs any time soon.