Automate and facilitate finding and linking or relating duplicate bug problem reports.

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I'm calling this a problem, because it has negative consequences, but many might see this as a feature request.

Please, PLEASE, do an automatic search when adding new topics so see if there are related or duplicate topics that already cover the need. Duplicates dilute the perceived importance of a bug report by splitting the votes across multiple topics, which are not explicitly related to each other. They also cause extra workload for the people trying to respond to the reports.

Also, please, PLEASE, add a feature allowing people to link or relate one bug report to another, so that if a duplicate report already exists, or if someone willfully creates a duplicate (because they want to take credit) then at least people can tie the related reports together after the fact and minimise the damge.

I'm here from the Mojang community where people are reporting bugs on the game Minecraft. The users are predominantly non-technical and therefore don't know about good bug-reporting practices. I found 4 duplicates of one bug in 5 minutes.

OK, thanks.
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Posted 7 years ago

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And in case it's already been flagged, I spent some time searching for a topic about this and didn't find it.
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God forbid notch set up a proper (FREE!) trac system, eh?

Anyway, agree. Let's try to make the best of this.
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Yep. Let's make the best of it.
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I'd prefer JIRA to trac myself. :-P

Seriously though, Get Satisfaction seems much easier for non-technical people than a real issue tracker would be. I have a hard enough time getting *developers* to track their work properly.
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I made a post about doing a search in the title box here
The search function is already being looked at to improve many features.
Hopefully it will fix our problems soon.
Problem is many people in my view don't use the search box before posting.
Regarding linking topics and or bugs you have multiple threads of,this is already implemented in the paid plans where employees or champs with moderator privileges can redirect or merge into one topic..
Hope I have understood your problem and hope this gives you some insight.
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Thanks. I think you have understood what I am asking for and it sounds like progress will be made. I agree that the problem is that people don't do a search. That is a problem that will not go away. Users will always be like that, no matter how much you educate and plead. That is why I am asking for a search to occur automatically as part of the process of submitting a new topic. That way it cannot be omitted. I also think that the system should trust the plebs (that is, me) to decide or at least recommend when topics are related, rather than only giving administrators and other higher ranks that privilege. I suspect the potential for abuse is minimal.
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I'd like to reiterate what aussiebob has already stated, which is that our search system is about to be redesigned. In order to make sure the important content is considered, I'm going to change this topic to an idea and mark it "Under Consideration". Thanks, everyone, for your feedback.
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Thank you for listening.
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And it seems that a new feature has been added to do a search as part of the process of reporting a problem. That is awesome. I love it when a plan comes together.
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That leaves the second part of this idea though.

I'd love to be able to report duplicate issues to whoever is maintaining a project. With the amount of issues for the Mojang project I really cannot blame them to miss a few.
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That is actually being tracked in this topic.
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Morgan Sherwood

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Official Response
Folks - the new search back end has been released so topic suggestions when folks go to post a new topic should improve.

A few of you have voiced that you would like the ability to report duplicate issues/merge topics - We have enabled a feature that allows company employees to mark members as champions with moderation capabilities, so I'd encourage you to talk to the team at mojang to see if this is an option they'd consider.

There's also another topic related to this discussion, but it's unlikely we'll implement the ability for members without moderation capabilities to suggest merge/re-directs any time soon.
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Martin Cleaver

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I think as soon as someone writes a link to another GS topic then others should be able to vote to agree that that other topic is a) related or b) a duplicate.

Many GS communities are under-managed. I am both and consumer for many products and I help manage a community. It's a lot of feedback to keep on top of.

Simply detecting and promoting for vote user contributions would help reduce the duplicates. Many people (especially newbies) think their issue is unique. See as an example - there are 77 topics and many of them are fundamentally the same issue. Mint just don't have the manpower to assign moderators, and besides, just because someone behaves responsibly on one issue doesn't mean they will do so across the site.

Better to get the community vote to merge ideas.

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As a FLOSS developer, I'm quite used to the way that ChiliProject (the Redmine fork) handles these things. There are different types of issue relationships (for example):

  • related to

  • duplicates

  • blocks

It would be great if Get Satisfaction could support these types of relationships. And I don't see a big problem with letting average users add these. If necessary, managing clients could override user choices here.

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