Calling all Champs!

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At Get Satisfaction, we strive to foster a community that's a showcase of what a great community can be, and we recognize that our Champions are major contributors to our community's success.

We're always looking for a chance to spread the word about our Champs program, so read on if you're interested in becoming a Get Satisfaction Champ, or simply want to learn more.

What is a Get Satisfaction Champion?

Simply put, a Champion is a member of a community who actively promotes well-being of the community as a whole.

What is expected of a Champion?

Champions can contribute to the well being of the community in many ways:

  • Foster Conversation - Promote communication in the community through personal participation in topics that interest you

  • Lend a Hand - Share wisdom and experience with members seeking guidance and support

  • Be Active - Maintain a presence and let the community get to know you

  • Keep the Peace - Help steer an argument back towards a productive conversation, or comfort an annoyed user

  • Uphold Our Community Guidelines - Be an example and steer interactions toward positive and productive outcomes

What are the benefits of being a Champion?

  • Get Deputized - Your avatar will feature a badge that highlights you as adistinguished contributor in the community

  • Get Our Ears - Chat with us during regular meet-ups - online and off - and share your ideas directly with our product team

  • Get Swag - Participation in community is often the greatest reward, but sometimes it's nice to receive goodies in your mailbox

  • Get Exclusive - Hang out in our private Champions community

  • Get _____ - Fill in the blank - let us know how you can get the most from being a Champion

Interested? Have questions or feedback? Give us a shout - we'd love to talk to you.

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Adam, Alum

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Posted 5 years ago

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Thanks for the video. Amy did a great job! I think it's very helpful for people just getting started.

Based on how GS works, I know I'd like to hear from Get Satisfaction on how we can create a fair and scalable program, for example:

What's worth more, a reply or a me too? What are each of those worth?
What if someone only participates in ideas, but isn't really helping to grow the community knowledge (i.e. they visit the wishing well, but don't fill up the bucket to water the plants)?
Are they participating in a constructive manner all the time, some of the time, etc.?
Where are the incentives to move up the activity ladder. For example: to join, to participate, to help, and then to advocate?

I like the ability to assign a badge for champions, but it's a little subjective at this point. Essentially, keep your ears to the ground and see who's active, solicit them and go from there? We find it hard to develop the appropriate game incentives without having something standard to reference. Any ideas on how best to manage? Do you know what other folks are doing?
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Amy Muller, Alum

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Hi Anthony -- we're hosting a webcast about Champs tomorrow. Check it out if you can!
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Caty, Alum

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These are some great questions! Give us a couple days to think on them and we'll try to put together a more comprehensive post for you. :)
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Thanks Caty. :)