Offer a way to split/fork replies into new topics

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We have a problem topic that was marked as "solved." (It truly was.) Later, another reply was added paraphrased to "We're not seeing this, but instead we're getting this other error."

Since the original topic is truly resolved, the newly added reply should get its own topic so we can track that and work on a resolution for that specific issue. Is there a better way to handle this other than copying and pasting the reply into a new topic under my name on behalf of that user?

Paul Tracy, Champion

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  • looking for a more elegant way to handle this

Posted 4 years ago

Morgan Sherwood

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Paul, forking topics and offering a true closed status is something a lot of folks have been asking for, and this is on the roadmap! Once I get in the office I'll check with the product team to see where we're at with these features so we can give the community an update.

Philip Hotchkiss, Champion

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Hi everyone,

The topic forking feature is under active consideration and we are looking to add it to our roadmap for the second half of this year. We are striving to expand our Topic Management feature set and we took an important step in that direction with the release of our Topic Close feature last quarter.

We will keep you posted as we get closer to being in a position to make a time-specific commitment around when we'll deliver this functionality.

Thank you,


Caty, Employee

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Just wanted to give you all the heads up that we released this feature yesterday! Now, you can create a new topic from a reply on an existing topic. Here's our company update that details how the whole process works (screenshots included):

New Feature: Reply Forking!

We appreciate all the input that you've given us as we've developed the feature and certainly hope that you'll find it useful. If you think you've found a bug, please ask a question or report a problem for us. If there's an enhancement that you'd like for this feature, please post an idea, and if you love the feature... well, we're always happy to see Praise!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!